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Online Security Awareness and Education Program

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Online Security Awareness and Education Program


The purpose of our Customer Awareness and Education Program is to ensure that our electronic banking customers are aware of the risks associated with using electronic banking services. The program will remind customers about the importance of security measures that can be used to protect them from being victims of fraud.

Unsolicited Request for Credentials

Abbeville Building & Loan will never contact you and request your login credentials such as username and password. If you receive a request of this type, do not respond to it. Call us immediately at (337) 893-1170.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing concern. Several "scams" are conducted through phone calls and / or emails asking a customer to reveal account numbers, passwords or other personal, private, non-public information. In some cases, scammers are sending Phishing emails which are fraudulent emails claiming to be from a trusted site, such as your bank. Another type of scam is called Pharming or Spoofing. This is when the customer is asked to visit a fraudulent website identical to the bank or banking agencies in order to have customers provide their personal information.

We want to remind you never to disclose ANY personally identifying information if requested via an unsolicited email or phone call.

This includes:

  • Account numbers
  • Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) or passwords
  • Social Security Number
  • Mother's Maiden Name
  • Date of birth
  • Other private information

For extra security, after using Abbeville Building & Loan’s online banking services, log out when finished and close your browser before leaving your computer. Never leave your computer unattended during an internet banking session, and never respond to an unsolicited email that asks for detailed financial information.

Things to remember:

  • If you receive an email advising you that your account will be shut down unless you respond to the email with little prior notice, DO NOT click on the attached email link. It is advised that you use your telephone and look up the correct telephone number in the telephone book and call Abbeville Building & Loan to inquire as to the status of your account. Do not trust the telephone numbers provided on the email, as they will be directed to the fraudulent site.
  • If you must submit personal private information through a website, look for the secure transaction symbols such as the “lock” icon and the secure settings.
  • Unsolicited or unexpected emails, especially from businesses you have not recently contacted, should be treated cautiously.
  • Watch your bank account statements carefully for any unauthorized transactions and report any suspicious activity immediately
  • It is a good practice to shred mail, bank statements or other items prior to throwing them in the trash. Dumpster diving provides valuable information to a potential thief looking for private information.

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